Lost Songs (2017)

soprano and live electronics (14’)

first performance: Juliet Fraser (sop.), Symphony Hall, Birmingham, 17 November 2017

Commissioned by Art Zoyd Studios

Available on First Hand Records FHR114DListen on streaming services

Deux méditations d’une furie (2013)

soprano and bass flute (8’)

first performance: Lore Lixenberg (sop.), Richard Craig (bfl.), City University, London, 18 February 2014

recording: Cora Schmeiser (sop.), Richard Craig (bfl.), Métier Records MSV 28540 quale eclissi v'oscura? (2013)

soprano, viola, clarinet, and amplified clavichord (6’)

first performance: Trio Scordatura and Fie Schouten, Het Bethaniënklooster, Amsterdam, 8 December 2013

Malédictions d'une furie (2012)

monodrama for female voice, ensemble and live electronics (45’)

text by Jean Tardieu

first performance: Sounds New Festival, 2012

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