Felix namque (after Tallis) (2021)

Guitar solo (6’)

Nýx (2020)

Piano solo  (7’)

video: Veronika Shoot (piano)

Nocturne (2018)

Natural horn solo

Commissioned by the International Horn Society for IHS51, Ghent. PDF available for download here.

Ligeia (Seirēnes Ib) (2018)

Alto flute or C flute (6’)

first performance: Distat Terra Festival, Choele Choel, Argentina, 17 December 2018, Richard Craig (alto flute)

Recording available on First Hand Records FHR87

Peisinoë (Seirēnes I) (2016)

female violist (6’)

first performance: Kalvfestivalen, Sweden, 13 August 2017, Emma Richards (va.) 

Recording available on First Hand Records FHR87

Intermedio III (2012)

bass clarinet and live electronics (7’30”)

Prix Ton Bruynèl 2012

first performance: Haagse Kunstkring, The Hague, April 2012, Marij van Gorkom (bcl.)

Intermedio I (2011-17)

bass flute and live electronics (8’)

first performance:  Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, 2013, RIchard Craig (bfl.) 

Recording available on First Hand Records FHR87

...une autre voix qui chante... (2010)

natural horn (with hand stopping) (6’45”)

first performance:  St John Baptist Wimbledon, 2015, Anneke Scott (horn)

...ne l'aura che trema (2009–10)

alto flute and live electronics (13’)

ICMA European Regional Award, 2011

commissioned by Richard Craig with assistance from the Scottish Arts Council

first performance: Sankt Peter Köln, Richard Craig

recording: Métier Records MSV 28517

la terra lagrimosa...una luce vermiglia (2006; revised 2010 and 2015)

cello and live electronics (15’)

creation funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Board

first performance: LSO St Luke's, London, 2006, Matthew Barley (cello)

video: 2010 version performed by Séverine Ballon, City University, London, 2014

Recording of 2015 version available on First Hand Records FHR87

...du second infini (2000)

solo piano  (15’)

first performance: London 2000, Xenia Pestova

Live recording: Philip Thomas (piano), Sheffield 2000

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