‍CD out now: SEIRENES

‍First Hand Records

‍“It must be said at the outset: this music is beautiful. … timbrally rich, melodically centred, semi-opaque … With his first portrait CD, this fabulous work can reach a much wider listenership.” 

‍Alex Huddleston, TEMPO

‍Watch the trailer here.

‘a perfect integration of instrumental properties and electronics ... a fragile equilibrium in which tension and virtuosic quality is felt during the entire composition’

    Jury, Prix Ton Bruynèl 2012

‘a strange, haunting beauty’

    John France, Musicweb International

‘…a soundworld of ghostly resonances and faint musical breaths.’

    Matthew Connolly, The Times

‘Croft vastly expands the world within and without the instrument ... heart-achingly beautiful ... like stepping onto another world …’

    Tim Rutherford-Johnson

‘…dusky hues and microtonal conflict, like entering the musical twilight zone.’

    Kenneth Walton, The Scotsman

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